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See how you might be able to buy your first home

How much money are you throwing away on rent?

Do the math. It may shock you how much of your hard-earned cash is pouring down the drain and going towards paying off someone else’s mortgage.

Look at it over the next five years by entering your rent amount per week below.

And remember, this is assuming your rent doesn’t go up in the next five years!

  • You’ve spent in the past 12 months, with nothing to show for. Owning beats renting for heaps of reasons but it can be tough knowing what to do next. We can help you get started and we’ll guide you every step of the way. See if you qualify now!

Getting your first home is easy with Aussie Living Homes. Take our Rent vs Buy Quiz to see if you can get your own home for what you pay in rent.

Rent vs Buy Quiz

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