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Convert your rent

How much rent do you pay per week?

Renting isn’t always the cheaper option. Find out how much you’re paying your landlord – you could be putting this towards your own home!

Are you currently renting?

If you are looking for reasons to leave renting forever, we have a few hot tips why owning can be a better option over renting:

  • You are purchasing an asset and you will be paying off your own mortgage instead of your landlord’s. You could even potentially sell it for a profit later down the track!
  • You have total freedom when you own your home. You can personalise every corner and really make it your own. In a rental you are limited to what you can do!
  • No more rent inspections! When you own your own home, you won’t be doing those bimonthly annoying home inspections. Instead, no one will judge your mess ever again!
  • In a rental your landlord can end choose to not extend the lease, they can also choose to increase the weekly rent which will cost you more money!
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