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Buying new vs established homes

Wondered why buying a new home might be the better option?

Buying New vs Established Homes

Get exactly what you want

With a new home, you decide where you want to live, what design, how to decorate, the fittings, the floor and window coverings, and more. It’s your blank canvas! And you’ll have no renovations to do when you move in.

Comes with a warranty

Not only do new homes require less maintenance, but materials are covered by warranties, so the costly items are taken care of.

More energy-efficient

Put simply, the more energy efficient your home, the less you spend on bills. New developments in home construction mean you’ll save on heating & cooling. And with changes in rating guidelines, you’ll know your new home meets industry-regulated standards.

Modern features

There are no nasty surprises from poor wiring, old stoves or worn-out building materials when you build a new home. Everything is new and meets a range of modern standards.

Modern neighbourhood

New estates are built for the needs of today, with modern amenities and design. So you’ll have the best in cable and fibre optic cabling for faster internet and digital TV. And because you’re likely to be close to an established area, you’ll still have access to freeways, train stations and bus routes.

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