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What happens at a PCI (Practical Completion Inspection)?

Published: October 12th, 2015

Want to get more informed about the home building process? Find out what happens at a PCI (Practical Completion Inspection).

The Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) is an exciting time where your Construction Supervisor can reveal the finished product with all finishing touches completed. It is one of the most important inspections during the home building process as it is a chance to identify any faults of the newly built home and get them fixed before the handover.

The normal PCI procedure is for the client to meet with the Construction Supervisor from the building company at the building site. Together, they both go through the house, room by room, discussing key features and inspecting everything to ensure it looks and works as it should. Any items that require attention are recorded for the Construction Supervisor to action and both parties sign off on these items. A copy is given to the client for their records.

The builder has a contractual obligation to repair these minor defects by organising trades and suppliers to return to the site and complete the listed items generally within 10-14 working days so handover can occur as efficiently as possible.  This may be extended if there are a lot of practical completion items still to be addressed.

To ensure that all items are completed to satisfaction, the Construction Supervisor will organise the second PCI inspection and go through all the items listed on PCI 1 checklist and confirm they have been rectified. Following inspection of the items at PCI 2, the home is ready for handover and sign off can take place at the builder’s head office. Prior to picking up your new home keys, please ensure that you have arranged home insurance as the builder’s insurance is no longer active.


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