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Understanding your Rights as a Renter in WA – Resources & Helpful Info

Published: June 30th, 2015

Rights as a Renter in WA

Just like landlords, tenants also have a range of rights and are protected by the law. If you are ever unsure about the tenancy agreement between yourself and the landlord, you have the right to seek legal advice and have the documents reviewed before anything is signed.

In your application process, you are protected by the law against any form of discrimination from the landlord or agent. You cannot be treated unfairly due to any factors at all, such as gender, age, race, religion, marital status, sexuality, having children, pregnancy, mental illness or disabilities.

If you do feel you have been discriminated against or you are experiencing any other problems with your landlord or agent that has not been resolved through open communication, then you are allowed to exercise these anti-discrimination rights under the law.

Thankfully, living in the digital age means we have so much more information that is readily available for us to find at the click of a button.

Download the official “Renting a Home in Western Australia – a tentant’s Guide” booklet from the Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce Consumer Protection. This comprehensive guide explains your rights and responsibilities since the 2013 changes to tenancy laws in Western Australia.

Asking your family and friends who have been in your situation before is also a great step in gathering more information and understanding you rights.

Here are great, informative and resourceful websites to check out to make yourself more informed:

Department of Commerce: //www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/renting-home has offices throughout the Perth Metro area. For general enquiries, contact the department by using the telephone or email address listed on the page.

Tenancy WA: http://www.tenancywa.org.au/ which aims to provide services to assist tenants to resolve their own matters. Tenancy WA is the specialist service that supports Tenant Advocates across WA in local community services and undertakes law reform and community legal education work.

Real Estate View Advice: http://advice.realestateview.com.au/renting/ultimate-renting-guide/7/ for an ultimate rental guide.

Renting & Leasing Government Info: //www.wa.gov.au/information-about/housing-property/renting-leasing which helps you find information and services in Western Australia.

Tenant Advice Line via Murdoch University: http://www.murdoch.edu.au/School-of-Law/Clinical-Legal-Education-SCALES/Tenant-Advice-Line-Western-Australia/ – Murdoch University offers a tenant advice line WA is a free statewide advice line for all residential tenants (both public and private).

Legal Aid: http://www.legalaid.wa.gov.au/InformationAboutTheLaw/Homes/housing/Pages/ResidentialTenants.aspx – this information is about residential tenancies only.

Renting Home PDF via Curtin University: //life.curtin.edu.au/local/docs/UL_AS_G_RentingHomeWA.pdf which is a downloadable pdf guide to renting a home in Western Australia.


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