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Understanding the building process – Handover and Moving in

Published: June 28th, 2015

When it comes to understanding the building process, it can be overwhelming learning the language that is often used in the industry. Read on to gain an understanding of the terms used during the handover and move in stage of building a new home.

House clean

Once all of the messy tradesmen have finished, your Construction Supervisor will ensure your home receives a builder’s clean which includes the removal of any glue, cement and rubble amongst other things. Your windows will be cleaned as well. Note, being a new build, some airborne dust from external factors will need a refresher upon moving in.

Practical Completion Inspection (or PCI)

Your PCI is an exciting time where your Construction Supervisor proudly displays the finished product with all finishing touches completed. He will take you through your home room by room discussing key features and inviting you to inspect all areas of the house, to ensure it functions and presents as it should. At this point, there will be small items that are discussed and recorded for the Supervisor to action, all parties sign off on these items and a copy is given to you for your records. Once the meeting concludes, your Construction Supervisor actions these items by organising trades and suppliers as required.

Site Clean

The site cleaner returns to remove the last of the construction materials or place it into the site bin. The bin is then removed, leaving the site presentable for Practical Completion Inspection 2.

Practical Completion Inspection 2 (or PCI2)

To ensure that all items are completed to your satisfaction, your Construction Supervisor will meet you back at your home and take you through all the items listed on your PCI checklist and confirm that they have been rectified. After your inspection of the items at PCI2, you sign off knowing all items are to your satisfaction.


Once the final payment has been received your Client Liaison will arrange a meeting to hand over your keys and explain your warranties and the maintenance period of your home. You will need to arrange home insurance prior to your bank releasing the final payment as the builder’s insurance is no longer active.

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