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Understanding the Building Process: The First Stage of Construction

Published: May 21st, 2015

Understanding the Building Process: The First Stage of Construction

So you have chosen your home design, your block and all the finishes. Your approvals have been obtained, colour selections have been made and your land has been titled. Congratulations!

Now building your home becomes a reality and the exciting construction journey begins. To make this journey easier for you to understand, we have broken the construction process down into stages.

Let’s start with the first stage of construction and what happens next…

Meet your Client Liason

Your new Client Liason will be in touch to introduce themselves. They will be your point of contact throughout the construction process and will be able to answer your questions and will pass on information from the Supervisors, so they can get on with getting your house built.

The Site re-peg

The first and most important step in building your home is ensuring it is built on your block. This may seem obvious and although the original pegs are put in by the developer, they are often misplaced or removed by other people or trades.

To ensure everything is correct before you start, your supervisor may need to order a re-peg of your block’s boundaries.  This ensures your slab and footings are poured in the right spot.

The Earthworks Completed

Your starts supervisor will then arrange an Earth worker to come through and prepare the block for your house pad. Most blocks have some plants, weeds, small shrubs or lumps and bumps on it and that’s not a good base for your home. The earth worker will then dig it out, level it, add sand where required and compact the area around where your slab is to be laid, ensuring the best canvas on which you build your home.

The Concrete footings & slab

Before your slab can be poured the concreter needs to work with the plumber to pre-lay all the pipework. This means that when it comes to plumbing everything down the track pipes are in place ready to be connected.  We can then pour your footings and floor slab. The footings and slab involve using a concrete pump to place the concrete into position. This ensures the pest treatment, waterproof membrane and reinforcement isn’t damaged. Now it’s time to celebrate, you have the foundation for your home.

The Sewage Drains Installed

Once the slab is laid, a drainer will come and install the sewer lines. This ensures all the pipes that were previously laid down in the slab can be connected up to the sewer and any excess sand from the drains and footings can be removed from the site.

The Brickload

Your bricks are delivered onto site and stage 1 of your home is now complete. The foundations for your home are ready and the construction of your walls can commence.


Stay tuned for our upcoming article explaining the next stage of construction from brick laying to roof carpentry.

*Information and photos provided by Aussie Living Homes – First Home Buyer Experts in Perth and the South West

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