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Understanding Construction: Learn About Slab Down

Published: December 15th, 2015

Understanding Construction: Learn About Slab Down

When the concrete slab is down, it is time to celebrate and toast with family and friends. Why? Because slab down is the first major milestone in the construction of your new home.

Stand on the slab and you will likely stand where your master suite or living room will be. From there you can visualise the rest of your new home and soon, it will all start taking shape.

Remember, the slab may feel ‘small’ to begin with, but the perceived feel of the build changes throughout each stage. Your home gets bigger, smaller and then bigger again depending on what stage you’re at.

Slab Down Foundation
Before your slab can be poured, the Concreter needs to work with the Plumber to pre-lay all the pipework. Once track pipes are in place and connected, your footings and floor slab can be laid.

The Slab Down Process

Prior to slab being laid, an earth-worker will prepare the lot for construction. This involves removing any weeds, plants and shrubs and ensuring the ground is level where your slab will be placed. This gives the best canvas on which to build your home. Concrete footings and floor slab are then poured which often involves using a concrete pump to place the concrete into position.  The footings are to support the walls.

Once the slab has been laid down, it requires some time to cure (this is to ensure the base is strong for building upon). After being cured, the drains and sewerage are all connected.

The end of the process sees removal of excess sand, further levelling of the site and then the delivery of bricks to start the brick laying stage.

Now Your Building Journey Begins!

The construction phase of your new home is a process that involves many components to make it a seamless transition with little errors. Your home builder will keep you informed about the process but you also need to trust that they are on track. Keep in mind weather does impact the construction build and therefore a delay due to bad weather may occur.


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