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Top 5 things you miss out on when you’re renting

Published: November 15th, 2016

Renters out there can probably relate to missing out on at least some of these FUN-damental things while living in their rental.


1. Pets – dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits…

It’s long been scientifically proven that pets boost our happiness. In the article, Friends with benefits: pets make us happier, healthier, psychologists suggest that pet owners get extra social support from their pet, which leads to owner’s having a higher self-esteem, more physical fitness, are less lonely, more conscientious, more socially outgoing and had healthier relationships than non-owners. So, having pets can mean a happier, healthier home! Yay!!

pets and their owners
Image source: http://www.chillhour.com/tag/pets 

2. Personal space

Renting means dealing with not only your housemates, but the landlord too. There’s issues with chores distribution and paying rent on time. There’s the housemate that ALWAYS has their partner over and they show way too much PDA as they cuddle awkwardly on the couch. But you have to face facts. Some people will always be messier than others and it can be difficult to manage everyone’s expectations. Apart from your bedroom, you never really get your own space to escape and debrief. Wouldn’t a house be better all to yourself?

Housemates, you love 'em and you hate 'em. Image source: Mama Mia
Housemates, you love ’em and you hate ’em. Image source: Mama Mia

3. A bigger backyard

Outdoor space can be minimal in rentals. If you live in an apartment, you might be lucky enough to get a balcony and a shared pool. Or the house that you rent might have once sat upon it’s own block, but now it’s been subdivided and your tiny backyard is a fraction of the size. This means less room for entertaining, but more importantly, less space to sunbake.

entertain and hang out with friends in the paradiso backyard
Relax in privacy in your own backyard. Image: The Paradiso display home in Hilbert.

4. A modern kitchen

In reality, rental kitchens usually leave a lot to be desired.  Unless you’re fortunate enough to be living in a brand new house, and you’re probably paying a lot of rent for the privilege, your kitchen is inevitably outdated. Home owners don’t want to pay extra to have their investment property renovated, no more than they want their rental going empty while the upgrades take place. So treat yourself to some luxury and find out whether you already qualify to buy your own home.

The stylish kitchen of The Indiana display home in Dayton.
The stylish kitchen of The Indiana display home in Dayton.

5. Interior design freedom

Have you ever lived in a rental where you could truly express yourself? Depending on your landlord, paint could be out of the question or even removable decal stickers (which is often recommended as a damage-free alternative although they still get a little tricky to remove without destroying your paint job). Even investing in furniture to suit your home can be frustrating. Especially when you move out of your rental and your carefully selected fridge doesn’t fit into the recess at your new place!

Image source: Found the perfect home but your furniture won't fit.
Image source: Found the perfect home but your furniture won’t fit.


Take the stress out of finding your next rental and think about moving into your dream home. Try our Rent vs Buy quiz now to see if you can buy a new home right now for what you pay in rent.


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Original post: Top 5 things you miss out on when you’re renting


Feature image source: http://www.stanhopevillage.com.au/stores/family-pets—aquariums/

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