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Tips on How To Choose Exterior Elevation Colours

Tips on How To Choose Exterior Elevation Colours 

Building a new home is an exciting process, but when it comes to choosing colour schemes for the home, you may feel overwhelmed by the abundance of colour options you are presented with during pre-start.

The exterior of your home is what makes it all the more inviting. Who would ever know how gorgeous your interior looks without a welcoming exterior? If you can get your exterior colour scheme right, the perfect paint job will not only be stylish for decades to come, but also add more to your home’s overall value.

To help provide some inspiration, here are some helpful tips on picking the colour palette for your exterior elevation that will make it stand out for all of the right reasons.

1. Consider your climate – think about the illusion

The colours you choose for your exterior creatse an illusion. That is why Queensland homeowners tend to stay away from dramatically dark exteriors whilst chilly Victorians can get away with warmer exteriors. Dark colours create a feeling of warmth, while whites and neutrals generate a cool, breezy feel. Keeping this in mind, think about what impression you want to portray before settling on your colour palette. When it comes to Western Australia, a state famous for its gorgeous pristine coastline and great weather, lighter colour schemes are popular to go with to ‘cool down’ those high summer temperatures.


The Aspect Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


2. Enhance what is already there, plan around elements that are hardest to change

Look for undertones in existing surfaces and surrounding elements you can’t change – like neighbours roof shingles or tiles, stonework, pathways and driveways which remain in place. Are these undertones warm (beige, khaki, brown) or cool (grey, blue and black)? Consider paint colours that will tie these fixed elements together in a harmonious way.


The Pulse SW Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


3. Test colours in different lights

You may have settled on the perfect colour combination for your exterior well in advance – but before you start painting, remember those paint colour sample charts can be deceiving. Experts say that when it comes to exteriors, the paint you’ve chosen can look up to four shades lighter in the harsh daylight glare. With that being said, test out your chosen colours on a large sample area and judge how it looks throughout the day – from the crisp morning light to the golden light of the late afternoon and well into the dusk.


The Revelation Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


4. Hide any ugliness in plain sight

Every home has areas you do not want to draw attention to, like down pipes, an electricity box or your garage bins. The key to disguising these areas is to paint them your primary external colour, instead of painting them in an accent tone or the complete opposite colour.


The Ambition Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


5. Borrow ideas from favourite streetscapes

Draw inspiration from your favourite streetscapes to gather inspiration. Consider whether you want your home to blend in with the neighbours, or stand out from the crowd.


The Cove Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


6. Size up your options

If you want to convey a message about the size of your home, you can easily do so with colour. Lighter colours suggest large open living, while darker colours help diminish an overly grandiose house. For understated sophistication, use simple neutral tones mixed with rich textures and smooth rendering.


The Swagger Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


7. Add texture to your arsenal

Don’t forget to look beyond colour. Texture can be used with striking effect, so consider integrating different materials into your exterior to complement the chosen colour scheme.


The Reef Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


8. Choose three or more different paint shades

Essentially, an exterior colour scheme has three major parts: the field colour (which dominates), the accent colour (which brings doors, shutters and other small areas to life) and the trim colour (used for window and door casings, roof edging, railings and other trim work). Ideally, the trim colour should contrast strongly with the field colour.

If your main hue is dark, consider classic white trim or another pale shade. A light field colour can look stunning with a darker trim (think of it like eyeliner for your home, producing a dramatic effect).  Darker accent colours are great, but don’t go overboard. Even a door painted bright red that can just lend the right hit of punch, but painting your gables red – not so much. Be selective with where you paint your accents.


The Suite Display Home by Aussie Living Homes


9. Think about the visual effect you want to achieve

Think about your home’s relationship to the street and the landscape. Does it sit back from the road or amid a cluster of large, towering trees? This can determine whether you want to choose lighter, brighter colours for it to stand out, or conversely, if you want to select a darker colour scheme to make it recede.


The Vision Display Home by Aussie Living Homes

10. Ask the experts

Before you take a leap of faith with your colour selection, it pays to get a second opinion. Colour consultants are available independently at hardware and paint stores and can offer a wealth of advice. Your pre-start consultant will also have experience in colour selecting, so don’t be afraid to ask questions as they will always be happy to help.


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