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The Worst Landlord Stories of All Time

Published: April 29th, 2016

Some time ago we wrote about the worst house mate stories of all time. We all have one of these stories – possibly more than one. But renting also comes with a risk that you might end up at the mercy of a true landlord from hell.

Snooping through tenants’ rubbish, entering their house unannounced, and failing to get air-conditioners fixed during a heatwave are some examples. To be fair, not all landlords are bad, but if yours is driving you nuts, here are some stories that might make you feel a little better about the situation:

The Repair Man

Kate lived in an old house that she rented with her boyfriend. There were constant problems with the house so they’d call the landlord and this strange repairman would show up and say ‘The landlord sent me to fix this or that.’ This happened several times over a few months. After the house was broken into The Repair Man came over to change the locks and handed Kate a bill. She refused to pay it and told him to charge the landlord. After a few minutes of arguing he finally admitted he was the landlord and had been entering their home under a false identity for months, pretending to pay for professional repairs when he was really doing them himself. He then came back a week later and asked for some lemons off the tree in the backyard.

Found on Smaggle.



Londoner Laura Evelyn posted a photo on her Twitter account of the conditions of rental she was given after viewing a room for let – and good grief that list was epic.

It contains 31 somewhat over-the-top dos and don’ts for the house including one prohibiting overnight guests unless discussed with the landlord two weeks in advance. According to Laura the price of the room was very reasonable, but for her, the deal-breaker was the pork sanction.

Found on Huffington Post.

The Traveller

We had a landlord who went away all the time and we could never get in touch. He was skiing in the middle of winter when our pipe burst and filled our place with water, but no one would come and fix it without the homeowner’s approval, which we could not get. Also, this same guy told us no dogs, so we moved to another apartment that would let us have our dogs. Later, he lowered the rent for the new tenant and let them have their dogs. I am still bitter. The place was so nice.

Found on The Stir.

The Spy Cam


A young student living in New York noticed a camera in her bathroom clock and once she cracked it open she discovered over 70 photos – one of which showed her landlord adjusting the camera. The girl then filed suit against her former employers and landlords, who offered the room as part of her employee compensation.

Found on The Real Deal.

New Roommate

Julie and her friend were renting a house when she came home and the walls dividing her apartment from her landlord’s were suddenly gone. “There was a note explaining that with the ‘new living arrangement’ we would be sharing front rooms and a hallway,” she says. “We weren’t into having a new male roommate twice our age who was also our landlord, so [we] ended up moving out the next week.”

Found on Easy Rent.

Have you ever had an awful rental experience? Did you know your rights and who to call when everything went wrong?



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