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The Worst House Mate Stories of All Time

Published: June 17th, 2015

I’m sure we can all appreciate that living with someone else, let alone someone you may not know very well can often end in disaster. Read on to see some funny and downright disturbing stories about the worst house mates of all time.

Hopefully your house mate experiences won’t be like the tragic stories to follow, preferably more like the fun shenanigans that occur in the image below, from the hilarious film, Step Brothers.

Source: http://au.eonline.com/

1. The ghost girl

I had a housemate who wore long Victorian nightgowns and spent every night playing her keyboard on the harpsichord setting. We rarely crossed paths, but one time she was up really early (my usual time), came into the kitchen, made a SINGLE pancake, and ate it sitting across from me. She never said a word, and never broke her stare. She just ate the pancake then left the room. Via www.buzzfeed.com

2. The birdman

Courtesy of www.jezebel.com – I had a roommate who was totally awesome. I loved her dearly then and love her now. She had a boyfriend who I actually really liked, too. The only thing I disliked was his propensity to climb on top of the refrigerator and perch there, bird-like, in the middle of the night. For reals. One night, a mutual friend of ours was staying over for the weekend. She was in my room and got up to walk thru the kitchen, down the hall to the bathroom. She came running back in, terrified and claiming that “a man had broken in and was hiding on top of the fridge”. I had to explain that was just “Bob” and that he just liked to hang out up there…

3. The angry, plate-smashing house mates

Courtesy of www.hexjam.com  – I (a boy) lived with four other girls in my third year at uni. We all got on really well except for one of the girls who hated the other three because she wasn’t the ‘going out’ type and got annoyed whenever the others went out and got drunk. On my 21st birthday it all kicked off between the four of them. Two of the girls got so angry at the girl for whingeing about the noise that they went to the back of the house and started smashing all of our plates against the wall. Happy birthday me!

4. The health hazard house mate

One of my housemates in halls was absolutely obsessed with Blackburn Rovers. He had this team mug which was his pride and joy. That was all well and good but he didn’t drink out of anything else and refused to wash it, saying that stuff tasted better out of it like that. I used to come back from holidays a bit earlier than everyone else and and would always find it sitting with loads of mould in it. It was revolting!

As it turns out, it’s not all that he kept unclean. Every so often the uni halls would be inspected – rooms included. It was relatively unheard of for anyone to hear anything after these checks but my Blackburn Rovers-loving housemate was left with a health and safety warning, due to the state of uncleanliness in his room.

5. The dangerous house mate

Three of us lived in a house at uni and we had a spare room. The landlord decided to let it out to a random 40-year-old man (not a student) who turned out to be really odd. He took an instant dislike to the rest of us so kept to himself. The day he left, he left the gas on, knowing full well that the rest of the house were all smokers. Thankfully, due to the smell, we were able to clock the gas before anything terrible happened and had to sit with all the doors and windows open for hours.

6. The hypocritical house mate

My housemate from hell persistently moans about noise past 11pm and ‘mess’ around the house, but is a massive hypocrite. He started a party at 00:30 on the day of my part time work 6am start, leaving bottles and dirty plates everywhere after his parties, and not once cleaning the bathroom/toilet. He then proceeded to complain about us to the Landlord which resulted in a house meeting and drawing up a cleaning roster. Worst of all, he complains about heating/operating the washing machine etc and stands and watches as you do stuff.

7. A mouldy issue

Found on www.myworstroommate.com – This was the first random roommate I had found, and I hope I Never have to see S again. Previously I would always room up with a buddy, but I had just moved to a new town and needed a place to stay quick. I should have known that I should have ran away when I went to take a shower the morning after moving in, and the shower curtain was 3/4th covered in mould… How would a human put up with this a new shower curtain is 3 bucks….. Patches of mould were exploding out of the shower tiles… This bathtub looks like it has never been cleaned…. LESSON # 1. INSPECT EVERY INCH OF THE BATHROOM BEFORE MOVING IN.

8. Third world problem

Moved into a duplex with my best friend R. I’ve know R all my life and knew she was messy, but figured she’d keep it in her room and for the most part she did.

A few months into us all living together R got really sick, the doctor told her she had an infection that he’s only seen in patients who have lived or have traveled to 3rd world countries! She had never lived or traveled to a 3rd world country, her ROOM was that filthy!

For Christmas I told R that I would clean her room. The room was filthy dishes and tissues and clothes everywhere, but the bathroom was the worst. In the trash can was a pile of rubbish that had been in there so long mould had started to grow. At the sight of this, I burst into tears!

9.  Pudding theif

My roommate freshman year got completely hammered, came back to the room around 1 in the morning, and accused me of stealing the pudding in her fridge that she ate an hour before she went out. She waited until I fell asleep and then stabbed me in the arm with one of those clicky pencils…I had to go to the hospital to get it cleaned/stitched. She got kicked out. Via www.thoughtcatalog.com

10. Alarm clock mishap

My roommate makes smoothies at 2am. Seriously. The best part, though, is that she unplugs my alarm clock for the outlet in order to make them. I have missed three classes, including a quiz and a project presentation. Via www.teenvogue.com

If you enjoy seeing what others have to put up with, have a look at the following twitter account titled @MeetMyFlatmates , this hilarious account follows the journey of horrendous housemates in picture form.

For some more hilarious (like the image below) and plain gross pictures of roommate shenanigans, check out www.collegehumor.com

Source: www.collegehumor.com
Source: www.collegehumor.com

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