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The Ugliest Rental Decor You Have to See

Published: June 11th, 2015

One of the biggest negatives about renting is you are often stuck with what you are given. Unless you have an accommodating landlord, making changes to your rental property is limited. With that being said, there are temporary, alternative solutions out there – such as removable wallpapers, a new statement rug, a full length standing mirror, new curtain drapes, floor standing lampshades and much more.

Always check first with your landlord before you attempt any interior design to ensure open communication between both parties. Sometimes, the landlord may even be on the same page as you and be willing to compensate interior design changes. It always pays to ask first.

Now, check out the ugliest rental decor you just have to see, below:

 The Living Room

Eyebrow-raising flooring can really put a dampener on your interior designing no matter how hard you try. Via Ugly House Photos
If you’re lucky, a couch comes with your rental. But, that also comes with the risk of the couch looking a tad outdated in colour or pattern. And yes, there is such a thing as overdoing indoor plants. Via Ugly House Photos
Ugly curtain drapes can make you feel like you’ve transported back in time to the past.  Also, there is such a thing as beige and brown being overdone. Via Ugly House Photos


The Kitchen

Redo your ugly, laminate countertops for under $10 with Contact Paper
This red tomato kitchen countertop makes this entire kitchen seem darker and less modern. Via Just Misty
1950’s style splash back in the kitchen can often be an eyesore. Via Pinterest


 The Bedrooms

Stains in the bedroom are never a good thing, making you wonder how the heck that stain got there in the first place. Via Ugly House Photos
A messy bedroom never looks good, yet even if this one was done up – the flooring and white-painted bricks leaves much to be desired. Via Ugly House Photos


The Bathroom

If you’re lucky, your rental won’t have permanently distracting wallpaper in the bathroom like this one. Via Ugly House Photos
First, you want to hope your shower screen isn’t broken. Second, checkered white/blue tiles show dirt easy and third, an orange painted toilet isn’t the most smartest paint decision. Via Ugly House Photos



Featured Image: Ugly House Photos

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