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Perfect Plants for your Garden this Spring

Published: September 11th, 2015

Before you take charge of your garden this season it’s imperative you have the right tools to complete the job.

Boots, pots, a watering can, hose, secateurs, shovel and a pruner will most certainly come in handy.

A few of your essential gardening tools
A few of your essential gardening tools

If you want to add some colourful blooms to your garden this Spring, take a look at our list of best picks that will bring your outdoors to life.


1. Prunus Bilreana – Cherry

The beautiful cherry blossom - Source: www.homelife.com.au
Cherry blossom – Source: www.homelife.com.au

This pink flowering plum is a small deciduous tree with bronze new leaves and abundant large, bright pink, double flowers. It’s an excellent blossom tree for every garden.


2. Anemone

Anemone - Source: www.homelife.com.au
Anemone – Source: www.homelife.com.au

Brightly coloured anemones make great cut flowers. Plant the bulbs with the pointy end facing down.


3. Crab Apples

Crab Apple - Source: www.homelife.com.au
Crab Apple – Source: www.homelife.com.au

A beautiful blossom for spring, perfect for adding life and colour to your garden. These flowers are stunning when shut but even more eye catching when they blossom to their full potential.


4. Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers - Source: www. homelife.com.au
Spring Flowers – Source: www. homelife.com.au

From scented roses to poppies, purple cinceraria and osteospermum ‘nasinga cream’, there are a range of beautiful and colourful flowers that are suitable for your garden in Spring. The best idea is to go down to your local nursery and ask for advice on the right plants to suit your desires, garden and lifestyle.


5 & 6. Daffodils & Bluebells

Daffodils & Bluebells - Source: www.homelife.com.au
Daffodils & Bluebells – Source: www.homelife.com.au

Also know as Narcissus, Daffodils are extremely bright and cheerful throughout late winter and spring. Bluebells also known as Scilla, are great for mass planting particulary in shady spots. They also come in white and pink varieties.


7 & 8. Azaleas & Malus Floribunda 

Azales & Malus Floribunda - Source: www.homelife.com.au
Azales & Malus Floribunda – Source: www.homelife.com.au

Azaleas are an old fashioned favourite with bright blooms and dense foliage. There are many varieties available in nurseries that are able to withstand the wilder weather. Malus Floribunda have beautiful and soft blossoms throughout spring that would look perfect next to azaleas.

Thanks to www.homelife.com.au 

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