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Nursery Interior Design Inspiration

Published: November 18th, 2015

A nursery is the perfect sanctuary for your baby to help them relax and provide comfort.

As your baby continues to grow, the inclusion of new colours and accessories into the nursery will play a notable factor in their development. Some experts say that by three months of age, most babies are able to see colour. With this being said, consider using bright, primary colours for your baby’s brain to help stimulate growth.

Take a look at our nursery inspiration below.

The Cove Nursery
A spacious nursery with large window and blue pastel wallpaper – a great foundation to build upon, as seen in The Cove Display Home by Aussie Living Homes

A theme isn’t always necessary when deciding how to kit out your child’s nursery as many parents will find it easier to design a nursery that is gender-neutral. Don’t forget the importance of proper window furnishings and the ability to dim lighting, as your nursery will need to be darkened in the middle of the day for your baby’s afternoon naps.

Red Nursery
Expecting twins – a boy and a girl? Here’s a gender-neutral nursery that has a little bit for the girls and a little bit for the boys.

Choose soft, tranquil colours that are nurturing and calming and then consider incorporating loud and fun patterns over time.

Chevron Nursery
Chevron ‘zig zag’ print is a popular print for the nursery, often seen in aqua blue and white. Opt for a silver/white chevron or monochrome chevron for the boy’s nursery.

Keep the nursery furniture, accessories and decor simple, even though it may be tempting to over-decorate. Everything in your nursery should have a purpose.

Brown Nursery
For a unique change from the usual pastel or gender neutral looks, consider half-wall dark wallpaper with bright accessories that pop. Brown, blue and orange go well together.

Think about safety when designing the nursery. Ensure the cot meets safety standards and create a ‘safe zone’ around the cot by positioning it away from windows, heat, lamps, wall decorations or cords.

Boy Nursery
Storage and organisation is important to consider when designing – a great storage solution is to go vertical, as well as buy purposeful furniture that also acts as a storage concealer.

If you select your key pieces before you start decorating, you will find its easier and cheaper to then match paints, fabrics and wallpaper to your central furniture pieces.

Stylish Nursery
Big windows are gorgeous for a nursery, but ensure that proper window furnishings are installed with modern lighting, as the nursery will need to block out the light at certain times of the day.

For extra help in your interior design – create your own ‘mood board’ with help from the internet or Pinterest. A mood board is a collection of pictures that inspire you, and should help you with choosing your colours and focusing on your ideas and theme.

For more design ideas for your home, visit our ‘Budget-Friendly Design Ideas’ and easy ‘Interior Design Tricks’ articles for further inspiration.

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