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Interior Design: 10 Hallway Inspirational Ideas

Published: March 6th, 2015

Interior Design: 10 Hallway Inspirational Ideas

Often the first thing people see when entering a home is the hallway. A hallway should be functional, beautiful and refelct your personality. On top of all of this, it should also warmly welcome you and guests into the home just right.

Decorate your hallway with these 10 Hallway Inspirational Ideas:

1. Cosy Retreat

Lavish elements with detailed lighting fixtures and cheery wall hangings that brings character into your hallway. Display contemporary artworks and treasured antiques you’ve collected from around the globe to show off and create an exotic recluse.


2. Family Space

Bring a warmth touch to your hallway through thoughtful touches that are sentimental. Think family photos on display walls that are white or neutral with natural light bouncing off them.


3. Personal Elements

A collision of past and present, transform the hallway into a mix of style with rustic timber flooring, antique dresser and a retro bright coloured chair for an elegant yet eclectic taste.


4. Artistic Display

Display artwork (yours or others’) on the hallway for added warmth and personality. Get creative in the positioning of the artwork and try different spacing.


5. Work Zone

For a bigger sized hallway, try integrating a two-person home office with a built-in desk into the area.


6. Reading Room

Another cool idea for a bigger sized hallway is to create a reading room/library for lovers of literature. Wall lights add that extra nice touch.


7. Bright Ideas

Interesting elements in the hallway add personality. Decorative pendant lights bring glamour while a floor runner adds warmth and texture to the space. Consider adding built-in shelving units to get savvy with storage.


8. Hidden Away

Be simple and organised with a hallway that has concealed purposes. In the picture below, there is a concealed laundry and guest bedroom behind those doors.


9. Hexagon Haven

Not keen on wallpapering a room? Why not just wallpaper the hallway next to it.


10. Eyes of the Beholder

By matching the flooring used in your entrance to the rest of your home, it creates a flow that is welcoming and atmospheric.



Thanks to original article “Making an Entrance: 10 Hallways with Heart” by Kerryn Ramsey, Houzz Contributor. All Image credit to Houzz.

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