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How to update your rental on a budget

Published: September 30th, 2016

Is the décor of your rental in desperate need of an update? If you don’t have a lot of spare cash at your disposal and don’t want to upset your landlord by making “permanent” changes to the property, read on for top 5 tips on how to update your rental on a budget – without annoying the landlord!


Re-purposed household items have the potential to completely change the feel of an area.  You may not be able to paint the walls – but you can repaint that banged up old iron chair!  Pre-loved sewing tables can be transformed into functional computer desks.  An old wooden wire spool turned on its side becomes the perfect bedside table.  This awesome front door come coffee table is a perfect example of re-purposing something deemed worthy of verge collection, into this beautiful living room feature. Check out 22 clever ways to re-purpose your furniture here.

old wooden door repurposed into a cool coffee table
Re-purposed front door! Image source: Sarah Wilson – Getty Images



The comfortable elegance of minimalist interiors can be achievable with the assistance of clever storage options for those essential items you want out of sight but within reach.  A multipurpose storage trunk serving as a coffee table, or even storage boxes positioned creatively, can look sophisticated while providing a perfect solution to hide away clutter. Choose different styles of boxes from a range of materials including wicker, metal, plastic or a rigid fabric. Select storage units that compliment any remaining furniture and assist your interior design goals. Take a look at 5 great storage ideas for your rental!

old trunk turned coffee table used in the indiana display home
The Indiana display home cleverly uses a re-purposed trunk for both a coffee table and storage.


Pops of colour

Remember those prints lying around your home that have been waiting forever to be framed? Change things up with framed prints, bold statement pieces like patterned oversized rugs or even printing some of your more artistic holiday shots onto canvas. Fortunately, there are heaps of great options for nail free hanging out there, so you can easily hang your frames without damaging the walls.

the contempo display home with bright artwork
Use eye-catching prints to brighten up the room. Image: The Contempo display home.


Go vintage

While not everyone is excited by the concept “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, vintage furniture is incomparable when it comes to statement pieces that are one-of-a-kind.  You could support a charity, like Good Sammy’s, by browsing through the offerings of your local op shop for hidden treasures. Or even do a sneaky weekend drive through some of Perth’s more affluent suburbs around verge collection time (everyone does it!).

vintage sideboard with fares found in op shops
Vintage Danish sideboard with second hand couch and other op shop wares. Image source: The Design Files. Lounge of Julie Patterson, artist and designer of Cloth Fabric.


Indoor plants

While you might not want to spend time and money labouring away in someone else’s garden, flowers and plants provide the perfect opportunity to not only brighten up a room, but also increase the flow of essential oxygen to your indoor spaces.  Get back to nature with a small selection of indoor plants. Plus, you can take them with you when you make the move into your own home! In fact, why wait? See if you can get your own home now!

The innovation display home offers oxygen enhancing indoor plants
Brighten up your room while purifying the air by adding indoor plants. Image: The Innovation display home.


There are so many cheap ways you can update your rental to create a fresh and exciting home to live in.  The best part is, they’re all possible to achieve without trouble from your landlord.

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