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How To Prepare for your Rental Inspection

Published: December 11th, 2015

How To Prepare for your Rental Inspection – Top 5 Tips


1. Prepare early

In the perfect world it would be best to keep the house you’re living in as clean as possible, but this is easier said than done. To ensure the home is clean in time for inspection, start early. Once you know when your landlord is visiting, start to clean one area at a time. Legally your landlord must provide at least 24 hours notice before an inspection, but most will give you a longer time frame than this (approximately one week).

the cube bedroom
Maintaining clean bedrooms is imperative for your rental inspection – The Cube by Aussie Living Homes

2. List any problems you wish to discuss

Rental inspections aren’t just to benefit the landlord, but also the tenant. This is a great opportunity to let them know about any maintenance problems that are not your responsibility. For example, if there is an issue with the garage door malfunctioning or there are light bulbs that continue to blow, bring this up at your inspection. As a tenant, it’s your responsibility to inform your landlord of any outstanding issues.

However, if something has been damaged because of a mistake or accident you have made, this is your responsibility. Don’t hesitate to bring this up with your landlord, they would certainly respect an open and honest relationship, rather than covering up an incident.

3. Clean properly

If you enjoy your current residence, you’re happy with the landlord and the amount of rent you pay, you should do your best to keep the house as clean as you can. This includes, sweeping the backyard and maintaining the lawn and garden (if this is your responsibility), washing the floors and vacuuming the carpets and even giving the windows a clean if required. If you show respect to your landlord and the home, the relationship should remain strong.

ambition ensuite
A deep clean of the tiles, scrubbing of the cabinets, sink and shower, plus clean towels will ensure the bathroom is sparkling clean – The Ambition by Aussie Living Homes

4. Ensure the garden has been looked after 

Although this was mentioned in the previous tip, it’s important that not only the inside of the property looks clean, but also the outside. A neat garden that leads to a clean house is a landlords dream. Landscaping is a huge investment of not only money, but time, so landlords can often be strict about the maintenance of their gardens. If you wish to maintain a pleasant relationship with your landlord, ensure you keep the outside looking as neat as the inside.

the breeze backyard
The neat and stylish backyard as seen in The Breeze by Aussie Living Homes

5. Look after any minor repairs  

If there is a bit of confusion surrounding who should be responsible for minor dings in the household, then follow this procedure – if it’s your ‘fault’ you should fix it. Unless you have an agreement with your landlord to suggest otherwise, if there are dings in the walls, blown light bulbs or stains in the carpet, ensure they are fixed or cleaned.

If you follow these tips, your rental inspection should be a breeze. Don’t forget, if you have any concerns, mention them to your landlord or property manager.


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