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How To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Published: March 16th, 2016

One thing that most renters have in common is that they feel like they can’t personalise their space. Of course you don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorating someone else’s property, plus there are many things you are not allowed to do or change.

In actual fact, there are lots of ways you can make your rented home feel like something a little more permanent.

Just because you rent, it doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touch to the space. Here are four ways to make your rental feel like home.

Hide the old floor with large rugs

If the carpet in your rental hasn’t been replaced for years, or if you don’t like the look of the floorboards, invest in some large rugs in the main areas. As well as helping you to define the space, an area rug will allow you to add your own personal spot, and if you decide to move you can take your rugs with you.

The Cove Display Home by Aussie Living Homes
Adding a statement rug to the living area or under your bed can make a huge difference in your rental. Pictured: The Cove Display Home by Aussie Living Homes

Update a wall with artwork and family pictures

If your landlord is one of those who lets you do anything to the house as long as you restore it back to its original state once you move out, there’s not much you can do about the wall colours. But there is a huge range of 3M hooks that will help you fill the walls, without making a single hole. Having your favourite pictures and artwork will help make your rental feel like your own home.

The Chill Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.
Artwork and picture frames can add a special touch and character to your home. Pictured: The Chill Display Home by Aussie Living Homes

Bring in some flowers and pot plants

Plants are an easy way to style your rental home without feeling like you are putting money into a house that isn’t yours. Flowers, tropical plants and succulents add ambience and freshen the air in your home. Place them in decorative and colourful pots to make a statement.

The Swagger display home by Aussie Living Homes
Fresh flowers and plants can instantly lighten up a room and add a vibrant scent to the home. Pictured: The Swagger Display Home by Aussie Living Homes

Replace the lighting

Most rentals are full of old or boring light fittings, bare bulbs or outdated pendants. If yours is one of those, you can easily change that inadequate lighting with a new shade or replace the light bulb with one of a different intensity or mood.  Another trick is to add a feature floor lamp, brightening up an empty corner, and table lamps with decorative bases that always help set the mood.

The Innovation Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.
Pretty pendants attract the eye to the upper part of the room, creating a statement in your home. Pictured: The Innovation Display Home by Aussie Living Homes

If you are looking for extra tips on decorating your rental, check out our “Interior design tricks for your rental that won’t upset your landlord“.

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