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How To Make Sharing a Bathroom Easier

Published: October 12th, 2015

No one really likes having to share a bathroom, but nonetheless, whether you share your bathroom with a brother, sister, wife, husband, child or housemates – there are still plenty of ways to make your daily lives that little bit easier. Try to incorporate these 5 tips to keep everyone happy.

1. Be Storage Savvy

Shared bathrooms do tend to get messy, toothbrushes can be left out, makeup on the counter or towels on the floor. While it is general laziness that results in a dirty bathroom countertop, more often than not, lack of storage in the bathroom is at fault. When sharing a bathroom it’s imperative to have available storage.

2. Wall Storage

Consider utilising the walls to boost storage availability – think big mirrors that act as medicine cabinet, which are great to hold smaller toiletries like your hairbrush, floss and other daily necessities.

3. Coordinate Bathroom Usage Schedules

The easiest way to share a bathroom is to never have to be in the bathroom at the same time. Consider coordinating schedules with other house hold members. If you both need to shower in the morning, allocate a designated time for each, and this can also be done for brushing teeth or before bed. It is not the most ideal thing to do – but designated schedules for the bathroom can greatly relieve the troubles of having to share a bathroom to begin with.

4. Frequent Cleaning

No one likes to be in a dirty environment and even well organised homeowners will accidentally leave their toothbrush out once in a while. Therefore, all shared bathrooms do need to be cleaned frequently. Scrub the floor, wipe down the counters, organise the shampoo and other products, give some TLC to the toilet and wipe down the shower walls to prevent mould. A clean bathroom not only makes sharing a bathroom easier and healthier, but also more enjoyable.

5. Don’t share toiletries

Bathroom mates should never share their toiletries and other bathroom items. While you may save some money sharing items like makeup, soap and shampoo – it is a gamble that is not worth it. You do not want to heighten the risk of spreading bacterial or viral infections. Sharing items also generally leads to overuse or mistrust. To prevent unfair or accidental use of others’ bathroom items, label what is yours clearly or perhaps allocate storage space in the bathroom to household members.

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