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How to have a garden with limited space

Published: March 6th, 2015

If you’ve got the green thumb and love to garden but don’t have the backyard or space for it – then don’t fret.There are alternative solutions that prove stunning plants can thrive in the smallest and unlikeliest of spaces, ensuring you can have a garden with limited space.

Get inspired by these successful balcony gardens that you can adapt for yourself.

have a garden with no backyard. source. apartment therapy

At 14’ x 16’, this is a small space rooftop mini garden contains 45 different types of plants, from vines to trees to flowers.


For a very narrow space that only measures 3 feet wide by 13 feet long it can still look lavish  with the adding of small chairs, a table and planters on the outside of the wrought iron railing.

smalll balcony

Be creative in placement of plants through using vertical space, and this also maximises their sun exposure too. Install some ledges and use a stacked planter, as well as hanging baskets to get plants off the ground and give you more room to add a chair and table.


Are you already spoiled with a lush backdrop of trees and scenery? Experiment with different variety of cactus plants and rocks so to not obstruct your already amazing views.


Have more balcony space to play with? Add in umbrellas, curtains or drapes and other ornaments to accompany potted plants.

fantastic view

Got a fantastic view and don’t want to overdo it? Or perhaps you can’t be bothered with maintenance if you’re always on the go. You can still add a touch of green through adding little zen style pebble boxes filled with cactus, or ‘cat grass’ and tiki candles.

milk cartons

Try the idea of re-using and re-purposing used milk cans and yogurt containers from your kitchen and incorporating them into the small space to save money. While you’re at it, why not start growing a mini vegetable and herb garden – tomatoes, chillies and herbs are great to start off with. Add a bird bath if you can too.


Another great way to save ground space is using a vertical pallet planter, which can be a fun DIY project.  Add your favourite plants or use it to store your most used herbs.

astro turf

Consider adding astro-turf, which are fake grass strips that can be easily removed and don’t leave any damage. It feels nicer on the feet and if you do live with a trained dog or cat, they’ll appreciate you even more for it.

no mess

One of the most common options is to go with standard pot plants, and you can be very creative in your arrangement of them on the floor and what shapes, sizes and colours of pots you use.

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