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How To De-clutter Your Home

Published: January 25th, 2016

De-cluttering your home may seem like a daunting challenge.

From clothes you no longer need to gadgets you no longer use as often as you used to.

A great option is donating items to charity to reduce your clutter while benefiting worthy causes.

Here are some great suggestions on How To De-clutter Your Home.

1. Pick a ‘Personality Space’

This kitchen area is the perfect ‘personality’ place to adorn some of your favourite objects. The Breeze Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.

Choosing a designated space in your home to display your loved objects can create a feature in itself, as well as help to declutter your home. If you enjoy a minimalist style, a dedicated space to show off your items and objects could be considered a ‘personality’ space in the home.

2. Make use of vertical space with shelves and bookshelves

A quirky space-saving shelf where you can place items and souvenirs. The Swagger Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.

Reclaimed timber shelves and bookcases can soften a modern space and make use of otherwise unused vertical space. Use the shelves to display attractive glassware and crockery, along with pictures and your favourite items. This creates a blend of sentimental meets practical for an outstanding, eye-catching feature in the home. You could even go one step further and paint the shelves for a statement look.

3. Display Cabinets 

The Zest
A display cabinet is a must-have investment in the home for all your glassware. The Zest Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.

Vintage glass style cabinets are the perfect way to display your most treasured items while protecting them from damage.

4. Vintage chests & drawers that are multi-purpose

A chest acts as a great coffee-table, storage unit and all-round statement piece for the living room or theatre. The Swagger Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.

Wooden chests are a classic centrepiece for the home, offering a great way to store away clutter.

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