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How to choose your exterior elevation colours

Published: November 11th, 2016

The exterior elevation is literally the “face” of your house. Your home’s front facade is the first thing people see of your house as they drive down the street and, whether you like it or not, people will begin judging your home based on the look of your elevation. The same can be said if and when you decide to sell your property, as you want prospective buyers to fall in love with your home just as much as you did. It’s pretty clear that deciding on the right exterior elevation colours for your new home is kind of a big deal!

With this in mind, we’ve rehashed Tips on how to choose your exterior elevation colours to offer some great information to help you make some informed decisions when it comes to choosing your own exterior elevation colours.

consider your climate when choosing your exterior elevation

Lighter whites and neutrals can create a cool, breezy feel, while dark and earthy colours can generate feelings of warmth.

tie in with your surroundings when choosing your exterior elevation colours

Consider the colour selections of your neighbours, their roof shingles, stonework, pathways or natural elements like trees. Try to discover a harmonious way to express yourself, while complimenting the existing streetscape.

test colours in different lights when choosing your exterior elevation colours

Paint colour sample charts can be deceiving. Exterior colours can look up to four shades lighter in the harsh daylight glare. Test your chosen colour on a large exterior sample area before painting the entire house.

hide ugliness in plain sight

Paint areas you do not want attention drawn to, like down pipes or your electricity box, with your primary external colour, instead of choosing a different accent tone.

seek elevation inspiration when choosing your exterior elevation colours

Draw inspiration from your favourite streetscapes to gather information during the research stage. Consider whether you want your home to blend in with the neighbours, or stand out from the crowd.

size up your options when choosing your exterior elevation colours

Lighter colours suggest large open living, while darker colours help diminish an overly grandiose house. For understated sophistication, use simple neutral tones mixed with rich textures and smooth rendering.

add texture to your arsenal when choosing exterior elevation colours

Don’t forget to look beyond colour. Texture can be used with striking effect, so consider integrating different materials into your exterior to complement the chosen colour scheme.

select several paint shades when choosing your exterior elevation colours

An exterior colour scheme consists of three major parts: the field colour, the accent colour and the trim colour. Ideally, the trim colour should contrast strongly with the field colour.

A home with dark field colour can be brightened by light accents, like eyeliner for your home, producing a dramatic effect.  Darker accent colours are great, but can be a little too intense if they’re overdone. Be selective with where you paint your accents.

think about what visual effect your want to achieve when choosing your exterior elevation colours

Based on your determined design tastes and whether or not you’d like to blend in with the crowd, you could choose lighter, brighter colours for your house to stand out, or conversely, you could select a darker colour scheme to make it recede.

ask the experts for advice when choosing your exterior elevation colours

Before you take a leap of faith with your colour selection, it pays to get a second opinion. Your pre-start consultant will also have experience in colour selecting, so don’t be afraid to ask questions as they will always be happy to help.

The image below is the complete infographic to make things even simpler. Click the image to expand.

how to choose your exterior elevation infographic

If you aren’t quite at the stage of choosing your exterior elevation colours but you’re wondering if you could buy your first home, take a minute to do our Can I get my own home quiz to see if you qualify.

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