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Choosing The Right Suburb in Perth to Live In

Published: March 27th, 2015

Choosing The Right Suburb in Perth to Live In

Choosing a suburb that is right for you can be a bit of a struggling process. You need the suburb to tailor to your daily commitments and lifestyle. Not just that – but do you have to ask yourself questions like: do want to be close to a big shopping centre, a train station, a private school, the beach or a park to walk your dog?

With so many factors to consider, we’ve narrowed it down to four main type of suburbs you’ll find in Perth. Just figure out which of the four main suburbs you fit under the most, and then you’re on your way to finding the suburb that fits you the most.

Exploring Perth Suburbs To Find Which is Right For You. Image via Wikipedia.


Do you seek the night life, modern amenities right at your door and to be right in the busy hub of where it’s all happening? Close to bars, transport (where you don’t need a car), events, live music and more? If you work right in the CBD and don’t mind the idea of living in an apartment, then the inner city life may be for you.


If you love the energy and night life of the inner city but find it too expensive, then the trendy urban suburb is the place for you – where it’s still close enough to get to the city or beach but is more affordable and family friendly. These suburbs tend to have produce markets, strips of quirky restaurants and decent schools. This is especially good for those who do seek a bit of a backyard.


Family friendly suburbs are of course, ideal for bigger families, those with kids that need lots of space. They are generally close to large shopping hubs and decent sized supermarkets with schools and medical facilities nearby. Great for those with pets, that have a few cars and if you enjoy entertaining large groups of people. This is especially great if you are ready to build your own home.


Outer rural suburbs are ideal for those who love nature, peace and quiet and beautiful views that’s near bush, sea or country side. If you want to keep large animals, work from home or in a rural area then this one is especially for you. This is another popular option for those ready to build their own.


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