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Building near the ocean? Here’s How to Protect Your Garden

Published: April 4th, 2016

If you are living or planning to live near the coast, taking care of your garden can be a little challenging. With strong winds, salt exposure and sandy soils that don’t hold water or nutrients, coastal conditions can be testing for plants.

To ensure your plants will survive in the sandy soil and continue to look great, getting the plant selection right is the first step to help you keep your garden neat and maintained.

Top native coastal plants

Native coastal plants not only look great in a beach-inspired garden, but are adapted to survive some of the most extreme conditions.

Bushy shrubs

Source: Houzz
Source: Houzz

Coastal rosemary (Westringia fruticosa) is a great bushy shrub which performs very well in a wide range of conditions. It looks fantastic when trimmed to form a tighter ball and will act well as a filler in your garden.


Source: Plants Rescue
Source: ANBG

Pigface or angular pigface (Carpobrotus glaucescens) is perfect for the coastal look. It grows well in sand and a range of soils, and it has pretty bright pink flowers.

Grass varieties

Source: Plants Rescue
Source: Plants Rescue

Grass tree (Xanthorrhoea johnsonii) is more of an outback plant but when combined with other beach plants, it gives a very Australian feel to a garden. By grouping your plantings closely together it will give them extra protection from coastal elements.

Overcoming the sandy soil

To improve the sandy soil in your garden, mixing as many layers of organic material as possible to the sand will help make it a fertile soil for plants to grown into. In order to ensure your plants will continue to get nutrients from the soil, it is important to repeat the process every year.

Another essential element for your coastal garden is mulching. Adding a thick layer of mulch to your garden beds will help increase water retention and ensure your plants will have the best chance of survival.

how to protect your garden
Pictured: The Ambition Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.

Create a natural setting

Beautiful coastal gardens tend to incorporate natural materials as a feature throughout. To get the natural look in your garden you can use large sandstone blocks, natural granite pieces and wooden furniture to complement your outdoor setting.

Pictured: The Aspect Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.
Pictured: The Aspect Display Home by Aussie Living Homes.


For more tips and ideas for your garden, check out our ‘5 WA Plants To Kick Start Your Garden’ and ‘Inspirational Landscaping Ideas For Your New Home In WA’.




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