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Budget-Friendly Design Ideas for Your New Home

Published: March 6th, 2015

Budget-Friendly Design Ideas for Your New Home

It’s very exciting to finally enter your new home – but to make it a real cozy and welcoming home, it’s going to need a little design loving. Interior designing doesn’t have to be expensive, there are ways to make easy improvements around your living spaces without going overboard financially. Relax. We give you 9 budget-friendly ideas that are easy on you and your wallet.

1. Freshen up with pillows.

Bistro 32
The Bistro display home by Aussie Living Homes.

Start with accessorizing pillows and throws for an instant decorative touch to the living room and bedroom.

2. Add style to the floor.

Pearle 7
The Pearle display home by Aussie Living Homes.

A graphic rug is a simple way to make a big statement.

3. Re-arrange the furniture for a fresh layout.

Inspiration 20
The Inspiration display home by Aussie Living Homes

For a free update to your room, simply rearrange the furniture you already have for a fresh new layout.

4. Light it up properly.

The Zest display home by Aussie Living Homes

Lighting is key for setting the proper mood, either making or breaking any room. Add sparkle with metallic table or floor lamps.

5. Use artwork to make a statement.

Pulse 1
The Pulse display home by Aussie Living Homes.

At op-shops and discount variety stores, you will find interesting accents and artworks that can add instant appeal to a room.

6. Treat the windows.

The Ambition 30
The Ambition display home by Aussie Living Homes

The right window treatment helps a room go from bland to elegant. Soften your space with drapery materials or simplistic transparent shades.

7. Cut the clutter.

Revelation 8
The Revelation display home by Aussie Living Homes

It’s important to live in a clean home – for your physical hygiene and mental health. Clutter also distracts everyone from seeing the important pieces too, so ensure you declutter your home.

8. Create a focal point.

Facination 17
The Fascination display home by Aussie Living Homes

Use colourful artwork, photography, a pool table, a giant mirror – something – to create a focal point for the room.

9. Paint it. 

Eclipse 22
The Eclipse display home by Aussie Living Homes

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way towards creating a new look for any space, and it doesn’t just have to be for the walls. You could also reinvent a piece of furniture by changing the colour.


Hat Tip to HGTV

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