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Bring Bali Home: Design Ideas

Published: March 6th, 2015

Bali is a popular destination for West Australians. It’s a tropical paradise that is affordable and not too far away, and it would be hard to come by one adult that hasn’t visited it yet. Perth’s fascination with Bali doesn’t have to stop when exiting the international airport after a finished holiday. There are many ways to bring Bali home – into your own home.

Normally when you think of Balinese decor, you imagine a room filled with Indo-teak accessories and lots of bamboo, but Bali has evolved with their design. The Balinese style is becoming more modern, with clean lines, light and airy spaces, minimalist rooms that are still comfortable at the same time. To achieve a simple space with touches of Balinese-style accessories and furnishings, take a look at some inspirational style ideas below.


1. Home Elevation:

Use exterior colours that contrast against each other.

Try and compliment your roof with your window frames.



2. Bedrooms:

Think about the colour scheme of the bedroom. Using a shade of brown can create a rustic welcoming feel straight away.

Experiment with Balinese or oriental printed satin sheets that are bold and bright with contrasting pillows of different sizes.

Wooden accessories and furniture give a natural tropical style feel instantly. A wooden clock, wooden chair, wooden lamp, wooden hangers, wooden vase with an Orchid, wooden clothes rack with carving and wooden framed mirrors will all be affordable and will last a long time.

A grass mat (made from rattan) looks great placed on the bathroom floor when hopping out of the shower, and you can complete the Balinese experience by wearing a batik room slipper.



3. The Backyard & Garden:

Incorporate a little Balinese-inspired hut or gazebo into your backyard. Not only does it provide shelter for either your outdoor table or spa, but also makes for a great focal point when designing your outdoor area.

Look at buying rattan, cane and wicker furniture for the alfresco setting, as these materials are sturdy and incredibly weather proof, as well as looking similar to Bamboo.

For the garden, keep in mind if plants are tropical or semi-tropical, as an abundance of green foliage is an essential factor in a Balinese garden.  Using natural materials is important too, look for integrating timber, stone, bamboo and thatch into your garden, and don’t do a flower bed, but rather use flowers as accent features. Water features are also an important part of Balinese gardens, as well as statues. A Buddhist statue can add a nice final touch and give a sense of peace in your garden. As for lighting, use Bamboo Torch lights to place around the garden edge for a dramatic effect.



4. Living Room:

Dark furniture in the living room looks great contrasted against a lighter palette scheme. Look at buying antique, dark and carved style furniture if you can, as you can always make them appear fashionable with colourful furnishings. Hibiscus prints for the curtains and cushions will bring in some lovely patterns and colour to contast against wooden furniture.

Wooden floors tend to give a more ‘homelier’ feel than tiles, and are easier to maintain then carpet.



5. Kitchen

A light palette kitchen with dark contrasting furniture and paintings will give a Balinese vibe.

The little details count. Shop for bamboo place mats and oriental style plates, and think about adding some greenery in the kitchen, whether it be a mini herb garden or an orchid.


All images credit in this article belongs to Aussie Living Homes.



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