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Breaking Down “Prestart”

Published: August 16th, 2018

Welcome to the Prestart stage of your building process! Here is where you can let your inner interior designer come to life and decide exactly how your home will look and feel.

Before arriving at your Prestart meeting, you would have been given a big and beautiful Home File which has everything you need to know about building your home, including a selection guide. TIP: Read through this selection guide before your Prestart meeting so you are not overwhelmed with colour choices. Don’t forget, you get to choose everything from your roof colour to your door handles at Prestart!

Before your Prestart meeting begins, you will have the opportunity to visit an absolute tile wonderland at Crosby Tiles where they have an extensive range of colours to choose from for rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and ensuite.  Once finished at Crosby Tiles, your Prestart meeting back at Aussie Living Homes HQ is broken down into 3 steps.

Step 1:

Your Prestart Consultant will give you a crash course in “how to read floorplans” and answer anything you might be unsure of. Then they will go through each room in detail with you picking fixtures and fittings for each. At this point you’ll see exactly what is included in your contract and what upgrades you can choose from. This could include things like extra power points and light switches.

Step 2:

Are you good at making decisions? Because step two is where you choose all of your internal and external colours for you home. Don’t worry, our Prestart Consultants is a pro’s at helping you match colours if you are struggling. There will choices from brands like Colorbond, Laminex, Brikmakers, Formica, Essastone, Technika, Trevors Carpets and Crosby Tiles. Again, our biggest tip is to read through the selection guide before your meeting so you can get an idea of what colour and texture choices there are.

Step 3:

Sign off! Once you are happy with all your choices for your new home, you can grab a coffee and some lunch while your paperwork and final floorplans are amended to your choices. Congratulations! Once you pass your Prestart stage, your home is ready for construction.

DID YOU KNOW: You can access all of our Display Home files at our office in Osborne park at any time. So, if you have ever visited one of our display homes and fallen in love with the tiles or the paint colour or door handles. We have all the info on hand to make your choice a little easier.

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