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Affordable ways to get into the property market

Published: April 6th, 2017

IT’S the best time to buy, with numerous incentives for First Home Buyers to buy or build their dream home.

House and land packages are at the most affordable price levels they’ve been in a long time!

So if you’re tired of renting and looking to buy, now’s a great time.

The big question on your mind might be ‘can you afford it?’

Aussie Living Homes have some ripper house and land packages starting from just $300,000.

Here are our tips for affordable ways to get into the property market.


Speak to the experts

Every one of our clients has different wants and needs.

Aussie Living’s New Home Consultants can help you with this decision-making process and develop a plan to make your home ownership dream come true.

We can help you find that ‘sweet spot’ because maybe your version of affordability is different to that of others.

We work closely with our expert finance team to find out an affordable solution personalised just for you.

Or maybe you’re not ready to buy, but you want to start that discussion.

We can help you roadmap your journey to owning your very own home.

Remember it’s better starting now than later!


the elevation of innovation in baldivis
The Innovation is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Baldivis.



If you don’t feel comfortable buying a home solo, you can always purchase with someone else!

Buying with your partner or family member makes buying more affordable and it’s a common investment decision among our customers.



Let’s say you’ve purchased and built your brand new home!

It’s an exciting time for you, but there’s also a new mortgage to consider.

To help you out in the first few months, or years, you can always get one of your mates to rent a room from you and help you pay the mortgage.


what type of house mate are you
Getting your mates to live with you can help pay off your mortgage.


Family help

Your parents can help make your purchase more affordable by being a guarantor, which means you won’t have to pay the lenders mortgage insurance.

If you’re trying to save for your home deposit and your parents can provide an equity loan, you could save thousands of dollars.


Read our Five Great Reasons to Build and find out whether you qualify for buying your own home by taking our quiz.

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