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Add life to your kitchen using splashback

Published: August 20th, 2015

Is your kitchen looking bare and lacking the life and colour you have always wanted?

Have you considered adding splashback?


Take a look at the following images for inspiration.


Source: www.customcote.com.au
A stunning splashback that complements the white cabinets and black appliances – Source: www.customcote.com.au
Source: www.houseofhome.com.au
A statement piece that will certainly attract attention – Source: www.houseofhome.com.au
Source: www.coolingbros.com.au
A beautiful coastal setting that will create a holiday vibe in your kitchen – Source: www.coolingbros.com.au
Source: droitanglais.com
Why not opt for a bold colour that contrasts with your cabinets? – Source: droitanglais.com
Source: www.pimpyourkitchen.com
A subtle splashback that brings elegance to your kitchen – Source: www.pimpyourkitchen.com
Source: www.trojanglass.com.au
A cool and calming colour that will make a world of difference – Source: www.trojanglass.com.au
Source: www.truelocal.com.au
Love bright and bold colours? Orange is the perfect choice – Source: www.truelocal.com.au
Source: www.printsonglass.com.au
A picturesque image of fields will bring a relaxing vibe – Source: www.printsonglass.com.au
Source: www.truelocal.com.au
White cabinets with a bold splashback colour complement each other perfectly – Source: www.truelocal.com.au
Source: www.tilejunket.com.au
Want to keep your kitchen simple yet eye catching, opt for a brick look splashback – Source: www.tilejunket.com.au
Source: indulgy.com
Want something completely different? Various tiles will create a funky feel in your kitchen – Source: indulgy.com
Source: adreamhousefortrish.blogspot.com.au
Light blue tiles with white cabinets creates a relaxed environment – Source: adreamhousefortrish.blogspot.com.au
Source: www.spacesplashbacks.com.au
Love the water and the beach? Adding this splashback will bring that feeling home Р Source: www.spacesplashbacks.com.au

Take a look at the following links for some more splashback ideas in Perth:






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