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7 Top Tips for choosing the right Bathroom Tiles

Published: March 27th, 2017

SELECTING the right tiles can add an extra ‘wow’ factor to your bathroom.

But there are so many things to consider when building your first home and choosing tiles is usually one of the last things on your mind!

There are hundreds of different wall, floor and feature tiles to consider, as well as a variety of colour schemes, then there’s deciding on ceramic or porcelain.

But where to begin?

It’s important to set aside time to find out what tiles you love and what will best suit your bathroom.

These are our 7 top tips for selecting the right bathroom tile:


Schedule some time

Allocate at least an hour when you’re going to choose your home’s bathroom tiles.

At Aussie Living, our go-to tile supplier is Crosby Tiles – they have a huge range of designer tiles featuring the latest trends, colours and designs.

Often people can feel overwhelmed by the selection process, so give yourself enough time to find the right tiles to complement your bathroom.


Do your research

Have one colour scheme in mind and stick to it.

When choosing tiles bring pictures of bathrooms that you like the look of, that will help cut down on the planning process.

Usually you’re either into grey or brown tones in your bathroom.

And remember it’s ok to do your bathroom and ensuite in different colours or the same.


The Paradiso bathroom features dark floor tiles, classic white wall tiles and multi-coloured feature tiles in the shower.
The Paradiso display home bathroom features dark floor tiles, classic white wall tiles and multi-coloured feature tiles in the shower.


Bring your plans

It’s hard to believe how many people forget to bring their home’s floor plans when going out to choose bathroom tiles.

Don’t forget to bring them so your sales representative knows the exact dimensions of your bathroom and the amount of tiles that you’ll need.


Make your bathroom look HUGE  

Placing bigger tiles on the wall gives the illusion that your bathroom is bigger.

Choosing 200mm by 400mm rectangle wall tiles are a good choice and bigger tiles means less grout to clean!

When choosing a grout, we suggest picking a lighter colour, such as light grey, as it stands out less.

White grout will show dirt more prominently and if you get a darker grout the more noticeable the efflorescence (when grout becomes discoloured and turns white).


Three’s a party

Have no more than three different tiles for your bathroom’s floor, wall and feature areas.

You don’t have to include feature tiles, but they can add extra pizazz to your bathroom.

Be mindful when choosing your feature tiles as some types date, such as a fire engine red colour, make sure it ties in with your cupboards and ensuite vanity.

You want to have similar coloured tiles throughout your bathroom sanctuary.


The Contempo.
The Contempo display home has a stylish neutral colour themed bathroom.


Black and white

You might think choosing dark tiles in your kids’ bathrooms are best for hiding dirt, but unfortunately it isn’t so.

Choosing dark tiles won’t reduce the amount of cleaning work in your home and any mess will stand out just as badly on white tiles.

It’s best to go with a colour that’s in the middle.

Greys tone tiles are very on trend and accompanying them with white walls is always a safe choice, because it’ll never date.

Other fashionable bathroom features include having a whole feature wall and installing timber-look tiles.


Contrast your rooms

Remember to always contrast your bathroom tiles from your main floor tiling.

It’ll look strange if you decide to use the same tiles throughout the house – even if they’re all the same colour, tiles come in batches and they’re always different.

So choose a darker coloured bathroom theme and go lighter with the hallway tiles, that way it looks like a different room and has a purpose.


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