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6 affordable entertainment ideas for your rental

Published: December 2nd, 2016

Saving for your dream home is an exciting experience – even if it means spending a lot of time at home on the weekends. It also doesn’t leave a lot of spare cash to spice up your rental in terms of entertainment value. We’re here to help! Here are 6 affordable entertainment ideas for your rental property that will make you the host with the most and won’t cost you a fortune.

1. Ping Pong

Go cheap and recycle an old table, or splash out and buy a new one! There are even portable Ping Pong nets, like Pongo, that you can fix onto any table at home.

Pongo portable ping pong tables are excellent affordable ideas for entertaining
Image Source: Pongo

2. Foosball

Ideal for small spaces and easy to move around, Foosball (or table soccer) has been a European favourite since the 1800s. So embrace your “cultured” side and enjoy hours of fun competing with your mates.

Video source: www.monroebiblequiz.com via GIPHY

3. Darts

Darts is not just fun and affordable – but also ridiculously good for your health! Not only does it release stress, but also increases your ability to concentrate, hand eye coordination, decision making skills, general math abilities… and the list goes on. Get a regular hard tip board or try soft tip darts to minimise any potential damage to walls.

darts are great affordable entertainment ideas for you new home
Image source: Some benefits of playing darts

4. Pool Table

If you have the space and the money, you could go for a standard sized table for your spare room.

affordable entertainment in the paradiso display home
Awesome pool table in the games room of The Paradiso display home in Hilbert.


However, if you’re wanting something perfect for a smaller room, it might be worth considering a mini pool table!

Video source: Mini Pool Table YouTube

5. Goal net

For those who like a little more athleticism, goal nets are a great way to expend some energy. If you have room in your backyard for mini soccer, put up some portable goals to kick around in over summer. Better yet, if you have a swimming pool you can put up a portable net for some swimming pool volleyball. Keeping cool and working out at the same time.

swimming pool volleyball nets are great affordable entertainment ideas for your new home
The perfect affordable entertainment idea for summer! Image source: Toy Splash

6. Glow in the dark bowling

Get a little creative on the cheap. For some extra weight, fill up used bottles with water and then insert a glow stick (make sure you crack it before hand so that it is glowing) into each bottle to create a visible target in the dark. Then set up 10 bottles like bowling pins and challenge your mates for a night time game of backyard 10 pin bowls.

glow in the dark lawn bowls is a great affordable entertainment idea for your new home
Image source: Pinterest


Get excited for summer and start making use of some of these affordable entertainment ideas while you save up for your dream home. Why wait? Take our short quiz now to see if you qualify for your new home today!

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