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5 Ways To Increase Backyard Privacy

Published: January 21st, 2016

5 Ways To Increase Backyard Privacy

Are you looking for ways to turn your backyard into your own private sanctuary? Perhaps you want to create an aesthetically pleasing barrier from less than attractive views? Whatever your reason, increasing backyard privacy is easily done without having to build high walls, requiring a lot of time, effort and money.

Here are 5 creative ways to increase your backyard privacy that are subtle and complimentary to the rest of your home.

1. Decorative Screens or Panels

Add your own decorative touch to an outdoor wall or fence with an outdoor decorative screen or panel. Bamboo is a popular choice that provides a holiday vibe.

bamboo panel
Bamboo – A popular decorative panel used in increasing backyard privacy – versatile and comes in different styles.

2. Curtains and Drapes

For a more luxurious, resort-style feel, consider attaching curtains or drapes to your outside cabana or alfresco.

Outdoor curtains look great attached to a cabana-style hut if you crave extra privacy but don’t want to block the breeze.

3. Vertical Garden: Living Wall

Do you have a green thumb and feel like trying something a little more challenging? How about creating a vertical living wall. It looks good, is healthy for you to breathe in and it serves as a great privacy barrier.

Vertical gardens will turn your bare alfresco spaces into gorgeous living walls, vibrantly beautiful to look at while offering privacy.

4. Garden Trellis

For a more creative look, a beautiful garden trellis adds a pleasant decorative feel to your backyard. So long as you have the patience, a latticework trellis’ will look fantastic, but it will take time to grow.

A trellis fence (or screen) can be made of wood or metal, and with its grid-shaped design, it creates a great effect with plants that grow through and around it.

5. Plant Trees

The most natural way to go – planting trees and large plants is the best, long-term sustainable solution for creating backyard privacy.

Trees live for decades and more, making them the most effective long-term solution for creating backyard privacy that is both natural and subtle.

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For more backyard advice and tips, take a look at some Simple and Affordable Backyard Ideas. Feeling crafty? Our DIY Ways to Make your Backyard Fun this Summer will get you on the right track.

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