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5 ways to add life to your home

If you feel like your home is lacking character, we’ve put together 5 affordable ideas to jazz up your new home and inject your own personality and style.

1. Add a rug 

Being able to sink your feet into a fluffy rug brings a tonne of comfort to your home. If you don’t want to add extra work to your cleaning regime, place the rug in a room that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, and steer away from the family room or entrance of the home. Adding a rug to any room softens the space and makes a big difference in the overall feel and look. 

2. Add frames 

Adding a personal touch to the home provides a friendly nature and brings back great memories. Choose a range of your favourite photos and buy some photo frames from your local retailer. There are a range of different options, including stand alone frames, hanging frames and collages. If you have a blank space of wall that could do with an upgrade, utilise this area and get ready to see this room come to life.

3. Paint the front door 

Something as simple as painting the front door can make a big difference. If you dare, paint it a bold colour, such as red or blue, or if you feel it just needs some maintenance, give it a fresh coat of paint. Seeing a glowing door every time you come home is sure to boost your mood.

4. Add fresh flowers or plants

Freshly cut flowers can instantly lighten up a room and add a vibrant scent to the home. Place them in a funky vase and add them in any area of the house, whether it be the kitchen, your bathroom, the bedroom or all three. If your front or back yard needs an update, adding some new plant life can add great character to the exterior of your home.

5. Paint the walls or add wallpaper

Are you bored of the current wall colour in your home, or does it need an overhaul? Adding a bright feature wall can also make a big difference to a room. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even add wallpaper.


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