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5 Key Things to Look for in your New Home

Published: March 23rd, 2016

If you are considering buying an established house, you will likely want to make sure you have a roof that won’t leak, a solid foundation, proper wiring, plumbing and the works. It’s important not to forget about the less obvious factors such as the orientation of the house, quality of light and flow from room to room, which can make a huge impact on your day to day experience in a house.

So before you say yes to your dream house, check out the 5 Key Things to Look for in your New Home.

1. Don’t let the pretty styled décor sway you too much

Instead, try to envision the house painted white, and focus on the age of appliances, condition of floors, and any signs of mould or structural damage.

2. Check out the age of the heating system, windows and doors

An old heating or cooling system can cost you thousands if you have to replace it immediately and should impact the price you’re willing to bid on the house. The age of the windows and doors is also a major point to consider as it will affect your electricity bills and energy efficiency.

3. Before you walk into the house, check out the roof

Look up at the roof lines and check if they are straight and free from deflections. If you can see any damage in the roof, it could mean plenty of costly damage on the way. Water intrusion cannot only create mould inside the house, but also affect the foundation of the house.

4. Check for water stains or corrosion to the walls

Try to look for any signs of moisture penetration or water leaks. If water is leaking in from outside, then you’ll usually see mould alongside the walls. Check out all the cabinets to detect if there is any sign of dampness or mould. It’s important to be aware of these issues so you can find out how much repairs are going to cost upfront.

5. Interior layout

A good floor plan can have a major effect on your daily life. The way a house is positioned on the block affects how much natural light it gets and can influence your heating and cooling bills as well. Altering the layout of the house can be expensive so make sure you have a good flow between the areas.


Regardless of which type of house you end up buying, a good rule is to focus on structural integrity rather than on the cosmetics. However, if you are thinking of building your first home, check out these helpful tips:

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