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5 Common Items To Damage When Moving

Published: February 12th, 2016

When it comes to moving house it’s important to pack away your belongings properly as they can be easily damaged in the process.

See the Top 5 Common Items To Damage When Moving 

1. Glassware

One of the most common items to damage when moving is glassware. If you want yours to last the journey, it has to be wrapped properly. Each item will need to be wrapped on its own with plenty of padding, otherwise you run the risk of items smashing together and breaking.

Choosing a small box that is suitable to fit each item in is better than having a large box that will allow room for movement.

It’s a smart idea to label any boxes with glassware inside as fragile. Taking time when packing is important, to make sure these items are in one piece at the end of the trip.

oxford glassware
The Oxford by Aussie Living Homes

2. Sport Equipment 

Sporting equipment may seem durable on the court or the field, but they’ll be worse for wear after a rough house move.

If you still have the packaging your sports gear came in, this is a great starting point when it comes to protecting it. If not, find some bubble wrap or a box it won’t move around in too much, to keep it protected for the entirety of the move.

Sporting equipment is one of the easiest things to damage when moving, and also one of the most expensive to replace.

exhilaration basketball area
The Exhilaration by Aussie Living Homes

3. Electronics 

These items are generally very expensive. They can also be quite fragile.

Make sure you pack them in their original packaging, and if you no longer have this, it needs to be placed in a box with plenty of padding to ensure it doesn’t move in the process.

Placing these items on the bottom of a pile is a big no-no as they can get crushed. Make sure it’s in a secure location so it won’t fall either.

suite study
The Suite by Aussie Living Homes

4. Heavy Furniture 

Furniture comes in a range of shapes and sizes and damage can occur not only to it, but your surroundings and even yourself (we will read more about that next).

To ensure you don’t damage anything when moving furniture, remove any detachable items and package separately, ask for your friends or families assistance, hire a trolley and use old blankets to protect your floors.

insight kitchen
The Insight by Aussie Living Homes

5. Yourself 

people house
Maintaining your health when moving is most important

The most important thing we often forget about when moving, is ourselves. You can easily injure yourself when moving house by over packing or using a number of wrong techniques.

Your back can be easily damaged if you don’t use the correct lifting techniques or lift items that are far too heavy.

Take time when it comes to moving and don’t over do it. A tired mind can make silly mistakes you normally wouldn’t – so get your rest and move lightly.

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