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10 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home

Published: May 4th, 2015

Disorganised people with cluttered lives (and homes) often feel anxious, frustrated and out of control. They also may find it hard to truly relax.

De-cluttering has the ability to generate fresh energy, create mental and physical space and release negative emotions by simply throwing away stuff you no longer need or use and freeing up more space for the things you truly love and need.

Get started on de-cluttering your home with these 10 simple tips to start off with to make it easier on you:

1. Set up a realistic timeframe and start with one room or a time.

2. Trust your gut instinct with getting rid of items and feel empowered once you do.

3. If you can’t make a decision on whether to keep an item or throw it, get a friends advice who won’t be emotionally attached to the item.

4. Big job ahead of you? Utilise an expert who specialises in removals or storage services and solutions.

5. Make de-cluttering a fun experience by putting on your favourite music while you work!

6. If you are moving house, start by clearing out all the unwanted and unused items first – don’t pack them.

7. Worried about wasting items?  Donate quality items to a charity or op-shop and feel great about it afterwards.

8. Set aside 15 minutes per day to keep the clutter under control.

9. If you are a book worm, get into the habit of visiting the library, swapping books with friends or better yet – go digital – to save that shelf space.

10. Women are more likely to clutter their home with clothes and accessories. Be proactive in getting rid of what you no longer wear or use by donating them, selling them, giving them to friends or swapping them with others.

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