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10 things to do before moving into your home

Published: March 6th, 2015

Congratulations on building your first home. Now here are 10 things to do before moving into your home.

So you’re just about ready to move into your new home – or are you?  There is so much to do when you’re moving to a new home that you may forget a few important things that are pretty vital. To help make the process more smoother for you, we give you 10 things to do before moving into your home below.

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1. Connect and disconnect your utilities.  Notify your suppliers that you are moving to ensure you’re disconnected from your current home and connected once you’re in your new home.

2. Change your address and redirect mail. Do this as early as possible. Write a list of everyone you need to inform of your new address and cross off each one as you go along. Consider a six-month redirect service via the Post Office to capture any old mail that may have made it to your old home address.

3. Smart packing. Packing to move into a new house is a good time to cull many old things you don’t use anymore. Consider labeling your boxes with the room they belong in and if you’re so inclined – keep an inventory of what is in each box.

4. Make sure you are insured. Don’t forget to move your insurance policy to cover your new address. Make sure your policy covers your move as even with experienced movers, some damage may occur.

5. Plan ahead for kids or pets. If moving with children or pets, try not to have them underfoot while you are carrying boxes. Ask friends to watch them for a day. Also update your pet’s microchip details before you move too.

6. Get your old house cleaned up. You can hire a service to do this, or you can do it yourself. Clean your old house up so nobody has to do it for you.

7. Paint all the walls and ceilings. This can be time consuming, so hire professionals if you are able to. Consider one neutral colour for every room if you’re on time constraints as you can always go back and repaint the rooms different colours as time permits.

8. Get some organisers. Think about where you will put everything into your new home, like well-placed extra shelving, coat hooks, and so fourth will go a long way in making your home a lot easier to live in and walk around in.

9. Install new switch plates and other devices. Are you wanting your home to be tech-savvy? Consider looking at the switch plates given to you, did you want somewhere to hang your iPhone to connect to the TV?

10. Have any mechanical equipment and appliances cleaned and serviced. Moving into your new home is a perfect time to re-evaluate your equipment and appliances to make sure they all work properly, so as to not ignite an electrical fire. If not – replace them.


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