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10 Easy DIY Ideas for your Outdoor Party

Published: November 27th, 2015

Planning an outdoor party soon? Make it even more memorable and exciting with these 10 easy DIY ideas.

A successful outdoor party doesn’t have to demand anything elaborate or over-the-top. A great party is about simple food, great company, and a lively setting that offers tables, chairs and room to chat, dance and play!

Here are 10 easy DIY ideas that require minimal effort to make your outdoor party enjoyable.

1. Thick, comfortable cushions on chairs or benches encourage guests to linger at the table or sit down.

2. Don’t get fussy with fine china – an eclectic mix of napkins, paper plates and utensils is laid-back and easy to clean up.

3. Create games for people to play – games bring everyone together, creating laughter and enjoyment.

4. Keep food simple – salad, fresh fruit, cold drinks and sandwiches. You can’t go wrong with finger food.

5. Re purpose indoor furniture to create an ‘outdoor room’ – bean bags, ottomans, and an old vintage recliner would work well.

Party Times
Relaxing with your family and friends brings a smile to anyone’s face

6. Set up tables and seating arrangements in separate areas, (i.e. drinks in one spot, dinner in another spot) to encourage guests to roam about and not become congested in one area.

7. Make being a host a little easier on yourself – stock a bar cart with essentials like glasses, ice, plates and wheel it back to the kitchen if running low.

8. Don’t forget to protect everyone from the bugs! Repel bugs from everyone (including the food) with insect repellent incense candles. Have repellent spray on standby or invest in a bug zapper.

9. Create ambiance with lighting – consider fairy lights, solar garden lamps or lanterns to get the party started.

10. Do you have a BBQ, stone patio or fire pit? The best time to use it is during an outdoor party.

Another factor that makes outdoor parties even more comfortable and beautiful is nature and a well-maintained garden. Incorporate greenery into your backyard, such as plants, trees, flowers and grass to make the party even more laid back and luxurious. Read our Plants for your Garden this Spring article for ideas to kick start your green thumb ideas.

Garden with ladies
This outdoor party features easy finger food like cupcakes and croissants.

Do you have an alfresco and backyard that can entertain guests comfortably?

A decent sized alfresco and backyard will make hosting outdoor parties an absolute breeze. However small or large your backyard space is, ensure you clean up, remove trip hazards and store away any loose items. Invest in a vertical storage unit outside if necessary, so you can increase the space and ease of movement around the backyard for guests. If you are looking for more ideas on how to make your backyard more fun and quirky, read our Simple and Affordable Backyard Ideas article for further inspiration.

Be inspired by the backyard at The Chill Display Home by Aussie Living Homes. It boasts an outdoor setting that is absolutely perfect for entertaining, featuring a lowered ‘conversation-style pit’ with artificial grass and a spacious bench with plush pillows. These benches are very efficient, as they take up less room than a large, bulky outdoor dining table. A great alternative if you wish to accommodate a large number of guests for your outdoor party. The Chill also has a high outdoor table for those who wish to sit higher off the ground.

Backyard The Chill
The stylish outdoor entertaining area as seen in The Chill by Aussie Living Homes
The Chill backyard entertaining
A lowered ‘conversation-pit’ with artificial grass.
Outdoor High Table
A high outdoor table, great for the adults to sit at while the kids play on the artificial turf.

The chill is a delightfully appointed cottage-style home that still manages to pack a punch with its decent sized outdoor alfresco and backyard, showing you don’t need a very large backyard to have the perfect outdoor party.

Want to see more of The Chill? It’s on display in Harrisdale.

Located at: 59 Oakbella Parade, Harrisdale.

Opening Times:
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – 1pm to 5pm
Monday and Wednesday – 1pm to 5pm

More Info: AussieLivingHomes.com.au/The-Chill

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