I don’t mind renting so what’s the big deal?

It’s the age old question that will hit you some point in your life, do I keep renting or do I get my own home? There are so many questions, arguments and theories behind both, so let’s break it down for you to make an informed decision. Are you ready to say goodbye to renting?

The Outlook on Renting vs Owning

The Outlook on Renting vs Buying

How are Perth and South West rental and housing markets looking? Will prices go up? Will there be something available for you?

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The Myths of Home Ownership

Myths of home ownership explained

I’m sure you’ve heard them all. I need a huge deposit for a house, I don’t earn enough, I won’t be able to travel. Is it true?

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New vs Established

New Homes vs Established

So you’ve decided you want a home of your own? Do you buy new? Here are some facts to consider when choosing the best option for your first home.

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