How To Decorate Your Spare Room

The spare room inside a home is often overlooked or used as storage. Why not get creative these summer holidays and turn it into something useful?

Decorating a spare room provides endless possibilities. It can be used as a room to relax in, an activity/studio room, a private bar or an at home gym to name a few.

To kickstart your ideas, take a look below:


How To Decorate Your Spare Room:

1. Library/Reading Room


Talk about aspirational! Wouldn’t you love to have a magnificent home library? Start off small with a fancy bookshelf and work your way from there

2. Gym Room


Is it hard for you to find time to exercise? Save on costs and maximise convenience with a gym inside your own home

3. Music Room


Musically inclined? Turn your spare room into your musical safe haven. Go one step further and soundproof the room to make for the perfect ‘jam’ session

4. Children’s Play Room


Do you have children? Turn the spare room into a bright and colourful area. Add bean bags, toy boxes and funky decor to make it perfect for small hands and wide eyes. Design inspiration from Aussie Living Homes

5. Adult-Friendly Games Room


For the ultimate gamesroom, you first need some awesome games. A pool table or other interactive games will get family and friends socialising. Design inspiration from Aussie Living Homes

6. Guest Room

ambition bedroom

Turn your spare room into a stylish guest room as seen in The Ambition by Aussie Living Homes

7. Nursery


Thinking towards the future, that spare room could look great as a nursery. Here’s inspiration from the nursery inside The Cove Display Home by Aussie Living Homes

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